Sunday, June 24, 2012

SlenderSlayers new blog

allegdly SlenderSlayer has a new blog now but not for much longer when i kill him or Zalgo does heres the blog if you want to read it here it is here- President Slender

The evil thing i did or you could say hacked your blog

hahaha this is a sofunny thing i did or called haked your blog and account too good luck getting it back its mine now and forever to-President Slender

Friday, May 4, 2012

update to where the story is being

now that SlenderSlayer is gone the bigstory of the fight against Slendermerica and now Slenderthulu will be at my blog here read for it soon many bigstuff is soon to be for happening in it


we all tried to stop of the badmenace of Slenderthulu Damien used his magicpower bonewand to try capture Slenderthulu in a magicpowerspell but Slenderthulu was way too megapower and the magicpower bonewand was overloaded from Slenderthulu energy it blew up so did Damiens hand from holding it when it blew up SlenderSlayer said "Alex run take the other guys and Damien fix his hand from a doctor im going to take care of Slenderthulu myself" me and Spectre and Damien and Dav Flamrock ran for our life SlenderSlayer powered up with his Fear power the Fear of President Slender thats what SlenderSlayer is he powered way up for it to make a gigantoblastofFearpower it was so big we couldnt see anything when we could SlenderSlayer was gone but Slenderthulu was still there and nohurt of it and coming to be closer to us to kill us but Masky and the Humanassasinators now that they betraitored President Slender or now Slenderthulu they escaped in the Maskycopter but Slenderthulu was still walking to us to kill us but Damien was absorbed for some of the magicpowers of the bonewand that exploded he used the magicpowers to teleport us  away from Slenderthulu to a safehouse from the Resistance this is a realbaddanger situation for it to be happening Slendermerica is now run by Slenderthulu whos waymorepower than President Slender was

the final thing of it our hunt for killing the Bleeding Tree

we finally found of him The Bleeding Tree after many longs of time we found him and attacked to him the PTC soldiers started blasting of him with there lazerblasters while the baker street regular Proxies rushed of him to fight in close of it The Bleeding Tree ripped off  the Proxie Janitors head he said "bring of it the fighting now i will eat you all i eat soverymany people as i can" he charged to Nat and ate her the PTC guys ran up and blasted him even more but he killed lots of them that were left they ran back away to saftey but SlenderSayer took out the slenderslaying sword and yelled to it "i will chop you down like a tree!" he leaped way farther at the Bleeding Tree and chopped him in half the Slendernomicon fell out to the ground he siad "thats it we got the Slendernomicon now" but then of a sudden President Slender came he said "give me the Slendernomicon or ill kill you i need it for a badmagic ritual to give me morepower" SlenderSlayer said never he wouldnt do it the baker street Proxies who were left who are these guys here they were still alive  they were surrounded of SlenderSlayer he was outnumbered it looked sobadforbeingalive but then Masky shot for Fiametta with his maskyrifle from his maskycopter  it killed her he said "this is what you get for sending The Executor to steal my kills for me President Slender Humanassasinators open fire!" the hummanassasinators shot for them too and the PTC guys and us were on the same side now we started blasting of Proxies and Humanassasinators too it was bigchaos. Ronin killed manyguys of the PTC but they blasted him way farther back than they blasted him for even more killing him The Photogrepher tried to avenge him on me by killing me but i shot him waysomanytimes with  my revolver it killed him waydead but Joseph hes the leader of the baker street regular Proxies he attacked me from behind my back where i couldnt see i was blind there he wrestled of the revolver from me and was about to shoot in my head  but Spectre tackled him and they did hands to hands combat Spectre was way more good at it he snapped Josephs neck it paralyzed him for his life Spectre said "hey guys of the PTC i was faking of being a Proxy in my old blog lets go get the Slendernomicon before he does" but President Slender used all his tentacles he used them as tentaclespikes to kill all of the PTC soldeiers and hitting SlenderSlayer out of the way he got the Slendernomicon that is President Slender got the Slendernomicon SlenderSlayer charged to stop to it but it was too late President Slender had used of it to do a badevil ritual it combined him with Cthulhu it made Slenderthulu

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Timeforce blog

the PTC Timeforce of being in Roberts blog they were here they have there own blog now that is here read with it now

Hunting for the Slendernomicon of the Bleeding Tree

we came to being at the wrecked PTC base its really destroyed by the Bleeding Tree it attacked by it. there were tracks to be for leading to the forest near it that is the base that is its where the tracks led in the base there are still more PTC soldiers who were attacked from us boy oh boy oh we have a bad hhistory with them and Spectre does too now he faked to be a Proxie and killed many lots of them they shoyt at us with lazers We were firing back at them when a FBS strikerforce came down of a helicopter that is from the sky where they came down from the helicopter thats where it was there was a battle we escaped into the woods to follow of the traacks of the Bleeding Tree we got into being in the woods thats when The Executioner charged out from the trees of the woods with a reallyhuge machenegun  he shot at it wiith us it hit Dav Flamrock but  it didnt kill him but he was going to kill us but Masky charged out from the forest and shot The Executioner with his maskyrifle he didnt get to turn arround the Bleeding Tree charged of the forest and ate The Executioner then it ran back in way more deeper than us in the forest. Maskys humanassasinators and the what was left of the PTC they were won agaInst the FBS strikertime but manylots had died but there were some survivors and these guys of President Slender who sent them of looking for the Slendernomicon  they came too but instead of killing us Masky said "hey we dont like with each other but we are all looking for the Bleeding Tree that is the Slendernomicon the Bleeding Tree has it lets hunt for the Bleeding Tree as a bigteam then we can kill each other for it or the Slendernomicon lets go" we said okay s o now were all of me and Alex and Damien and Spectre and Dav Flamrock and the PTC guys who were lived of the battle and Masky and his humanassasinators and these guys hunting for the Bleeding Tree in the woods