Friday, May 4, 2012


we all tried to stop of the badmenace of Slenderthulu Damien used his magicpower bonewand to try capture Slenderthulu in a magicpowerspell but Slenderthulu was way too megapower and the magicpower bonewand was overloaded from Slenderthulu energy it blew up so did Damiens hand from holding it when it blew up SlenderSlayer said "Alex run take the other guys and Damien fix his hand from a doctor im going to take care of Slenderthulu myself" me and Spectre and Damien and Dav Flamrock ran for our life SlenderSlayer powered up with his Fear power the Fear of President Slender thats what SlenderSlayer is he powered way up for it to make a gigantoblastofFearpower it was so big we couldnt see anything when we could SlenderSlayer was gone but Slenderthulu was still there and nohurt of it and coming to be closer to us to kill us but Masky and the Humanassasinators now that they betraitored President Slender or now Slenderthulu they escaped in the Maskycopter but Slenderthulu was still walking to us to kill us but Damien was absorbed for some of the magicpowers of the bonewand that exploded he used the magicpowers to teleport us  away from Slenderthulu to a safehouse from the Resistance this is a realbaddanger situation for it to be happening Slendermerica is now run by Slenderthulu whos waymorepower than President Slender was

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